Elvis.bg is mobile, complex but super easy and convenient management system for your company. Relationships with partners and customers (CRM), track payments, cash flow, debts and assets. Also - income forecasting and planning. Issuance of invoices and other accounting documents. Simultaneously working in the cell phone and office computer. And of course - possibility to print via our mobile Bluetooth printer trough our elvis.bg mobile app.

Personal profile

At the core of the system is your personal profile. With it you create a profile of your company (companies) or participate in others in which you are involved.


Add colleagues that you can assign to you business regions. Every colleague has access to warehouses, customers, revenues and expenses from this business region..


You can register all your partners - suppliers and customers. There is an option to import from partners database from an .xls file. You can distribute them in any of your business regions.

Products / Services

Register your products and services with their individual characteristics and pricing policy.

Warehouses (inventory)

Yes, your products can be distributed in warehouses to which your employees have different rights. You can transfer quantities between your warehouses. You can make revisions to stock and other useful features.


In this section you or your colleague from his business region registers deliveries to customers or is making a sale. In this section you can also plan future sales and deliveries. Also, you can register capital increase from company's funds without a sale deal with a partner. The moment you receive payment on a deal, sign it and it enters into your current balance.


To manage accurately your cash flow, you enter all of your expenditures, operational costs, purchase costs, etc. They automatically enter the current balance of the company.


You have a visual calendar, which shows your payables and receivables by dates and all contacts with partners.


Create offers, delivery notes, proforma invoices, invoices, debit or credit notes. All documents can be issued in English.


You can issue invoices in Euros, Dollars and any preferred currencies.

Mobile app

Free, fully functional application for iOS. Capability to print directly to our mobile printer from the system.

Mobile app

Free, fully functional application for Android. Capability to print directly to our mobile printer from the system.

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